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1. Wide Eyed And Legless (Andy F-L)

2. Breakin' Up Is Breakin' (R. Orbison)

3. The Actress (Roy Orbison)

4. Happy Ever After Love (Dr. Hook)

5. High Noon (Frankie Laine)

6. Let Love Pass (The Hollies)

7. Suspended Animation (The Hollies)

8. The Answer To Everything (J Dolan)

9. Our House (Crosby Stills Nash...)

10. Have You Seen Her (Chi-Lites)

11. Oh Diane (Fleetwood Mac)

12. Keep The Customer (Simon & Gar)

13. Wait For Me Mary-Ann (Marmala..)

14. Jose's Cantina (Benny Hill)

15. Andalucian Gypsies (Benny Hill)

16. What A World (Benny Hill)

17. Pamela Pamela (Wayne Fontana)

18. Mother Of Mine (Neil Reid)

19. You're No Good (Swinging Blue Je..)

20. I've Been A Bad Bad Boy (P. Jones)

21. High Time (Paul Jones)

22. Set Me Free (The Kinks)

23. Stop Your Sobbing (The Kinks)

24. Everybody's Gonna Be Ha.. (Kinks)

25. New World In The.. (Roger Whitta)

26. Somebody Help Me (Spencer Dav..)

27. Take A Message + Ha (Everly Bro)

28. Dizzy (Tommy Roe)

29. Pretty Belinda (Chris Andrews)

30.Peggy Sue – (Buddy Holly)



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